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As a life-long Nebraskan, Army veteran, and blue-collar small business owner raising my family in Lincoln, I understand hard work and the challenges everyday people face.


Twenty-first Century infrastructure must meet the needs of our growing population and provide for safe travel and prosperous living. I am running for Lancaster County Board of Commissioners to protect your hard-earned tax dollars and prioritize local infrastructure, law enforcement, and secure elections – so our communities are safe for your children and my grandchildren.


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Voters want infrastructure that works for the people, not outside interests. The priority for working people in the county is to meet their need for safe roads and bridges so that we can get to work and school.


Voters want election security. With the support of my opponent, Lancaster County was the only county in the state to accept "Zuckerbucks" money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life. But we don’t want private money coming into our elections? The poor judgment of my opponent and the county board put our local elections at risk. We can’t afford to allow that kind of poor judgment again.


My opponent ran for county board claiming that he would “use public funds with responsibility and accountability.” He promised “efficient public services and well-maintained roads and bridges.” Instead, he gave us windmills and solar farms in the middle of our communities for the benefit of out-of-state service and he gave us a commitment to keep criminals convicted of non-violent crimes in our neighborhoods.


I am committed to safe communities with sufficient and well-trained law enforcement. Since his political career began, in race after race, my opponent has built his record on failed soft-on-crime positions, bail reform, prison reform, and criminal justice reform to keep criminals who broke the law on our streets. Now in 2022, in Lincoln and Lancaster, crime rates are the only things that are rising as fast as the price of gas!


We all want fiscal responsibility that includes smaller, responsive government and lower taxes that respect the hard work and needs of the taxpayers. For too long this county government has been taking in lots of tax money – your money – and turning it over to their special interest cronies, or spending it on political agendas. That’s going to end.


We can do better. With your support our priorities are going to be straightened out. We have already seen change on the County Board this election cycle and we need to see more, and we will see more when I’m elected with your help.